photo above courtesy of Mark Kitaoka


The original purpose of Photo-sage was for it to be a daily photo-blog where I could post images that were personal in nature or affected me on an emotional or aesthetic level. It was never meant to be a showcase of my best work even though some of what I may consider my best images may be posted here. I don't post chronologically so it is literally a hodgepodge of images from whenever and where ever. Today it's purpose is pretty much the same as originally intended except that it will it never be a daily blog.

With an educational background in graphic design and after several years of working as a designer in the music industry, I left the city and moved from Montreal to Upstate NY. Living on a small farm was a big change and I found that I needed a creative outlet so I started shooting and posting online after getting my first digital camera an Olympus C-5060. I randomly posted images from my daily life that I found interesting, beautiful, heartwarming or just plain silly as I struggled to find my photographic voice.

In 2007 I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and since then I have been privileged to photograph some wonderful international dancers and actors on stage. My personal photographic vision developed more depth and in November, 2009 I had a two person exhibition with a phenomenal photographer (Angela Bacon-Kidwell) whom I am proud to call a good friend. But most importantly I get to share my photographic journey, day in and day out, with Mark Kitaoka. He is a constant source of inspiration, thoughtful insight and the best life partner a woman could have.

Today I shoot with both a Canon 7D and 40D along with some of the best glass available for Canon users. Mark and I were recently named as the company photographers for the acclaimed theatre company TheatreWorks but we also do photography for a number of other theatre companies throughout the Bay Area and are branching out and photographing models, actors and dancers in studio environments. I continue to shoot for pleasure and can be found at many of the Bay Area festivals but it is hard to maintain a photoblog on a regular basis and with me it is usually feast or famine, so please bear with me as I continue this wonderful journey. I always appreciate the comments that people leave but I am unable to respond to everyone, when I do have a chance I try to write back.

- As always I enjoy hearing from you. Cheers, Tracy



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